Monday, 28 December 2015

Balancing Act

Author: Dr. Zoee Bartholomew, Ed.D. 

Entrepreneurs are challenged daily on operating, managing, and conducting business. When faced with life challenges along with striving to be a successful entrepreneur you often find yourself off balance. Business and life become “one” yet you are the only one who understands this concept. People often don’t understand the mind of an entrepreneur. The common question is “why would you want to take on so much on your own?” and my response is “freedom.” 

Freedom is state of mind than an experience. You will never know true freedom unless your mind is free. Entrepreneurs must be more focused and less distracted than the average person. I often have to engage in sacrificing my time, sleep, social life, and any other distractions to maintain meeting my set goals. The next question I’m asked is “how do you stay focused?” My response is simple “I have help.” 

My help comes from God and He is my strength in all situations. When I am faced with feeling defeated or excited about my accomplishments I remember who has brought me through. I realize not everyone is a believer, which is your choice, but for me I can’t stay grounded without Him. I’m able to refrain from losing my mind because I know God is with me every step of the way. The final question I’m asked is “what does His strength look like?” My response is radical and uncommon, which is His strength is “me.” 

God’s strength is within me. I’m able to fight the day-to-day grind of battling to be a successful entrepreneur because I have His strength. Meaning if I tried to do this on my own I still would not be in business. For the last 11 years, during a recession and in a field (education) with the lowest paid wages, my business still stands. I was forced to make adjustments when legislative bills caused layoffs, revenues decreased, downsizing my office, and back to being the “one woman show” (I’m the only employee), I’ve continued to endure. I’ve learned you can’t give up, but I couldn’t do it on my own. Learn to balance by seeking help and accepting your current situation knowing this to shall pass. 

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