The Editor

Dear Readers,

Dr. Cheryl Cottle is the Editor-in-Chief of Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™. She has been producing this journal for the past 5 years and I has found great joy in designing the publication. She relies upon the many women who have contributed to its development; and to them she is grateful for their support. She also contributes to many of the editorials that fill these pages.

Dr. Cheryl Cottle holds a doctorate in education, specializing in curriculum, teaching and learning, computer-applications for teaching and learning and measurement and evaluation from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, of the University of Toronto, and also holds a MSc degree in Instructional Technology specialising in Instructional Systems Designs and Computer-Based Technology from NYIT, in the United States of America. Dr. Cottle also holds a Bachelor's of Arts degree in English Literature and History from The University of the West Indies. In addition, our Editor-in-Chief is also a Social Media experts having extensive experience and knowledge which she has built in the past 8 years. She has successfully launched and grown the group Woman in Business™ — her signature programme designed to educate, empower, motivate and inspire women to be the beacon of their emancipation. Women in Business is a global group that includes women throughout the United States of America, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Japan, China, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, throughout Africa, Asia and Malaysia.

Dr. Cottle is not all academic, but she is also a friend, a daughter, mother, and sister — all these and a doting grand-mother to two grand-boys. Yes, she does have multiple roles that she plays in society —she is also a gardener enthusiasts and an avid cook. In addition, she is very passionate with what she does, and an advocate for social justice and equality for all. She is also humorous and witty as well as playful as some might say. She believes that women can do what they have made up their minds to do, and notes that in the pursuit of it, it should be done with their heart and soul — fearlessly and tirelessly, pushing, gradually —  bit-by bit. She also strongly believes in making that first step forward with your vision, and the rest will come after; and strongly believes that he or she who fears making a mistake will never move forward because it is by mistakes we are able to refine and modify what we do. Mistakes are in every system, and it's our evaluation of them that determines what they are and sets us off to modify.  Mistakes are learning outcomes and learning goals designed to facilitate our performances. "The biggest mistake you will make in life is always being afraid that you will make a mistake" she believes. 

Dr. Cottle created this journal with several goals in mind. First, she saw it as a way of showcasing other women in business through their writing. As a result she has encouraged both expert and novice writers to put pen to their thoughts and ideas to feel inspired, motivated and empowered. Throughout the years women has continued to contribute to the design and development of Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™. 

Second, Dr. Cottle believes that her readership will be encouraged to be entrepreneurs through the publication of a series of topics that impact women entrepreneurs, thus the reach is intended to be global. Dr. Cottle points out that "women across the globe are getting into business on a daily basis, and as we know, it can be a lonely journey. I believe that by knowing there are other women who are in support of entrepreneurship as an alternative vocation help in the empowerment of women over all". She also notes "in addition, the journal is comprised of articles that are written by women for women. This shows that as women, we are able to forge a livelihood through entrepreneurship. 

As an educator-business woman she also believes that women entrepreneurs can also learn from other women and we do not necessarily have to create the wheel. Dr. Cheryl Cottle is also an advocate for informal learning strategies, to facilitate the education, inspiration and empowerment of women, and sees Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™ as a great source. We can learn from the advice given by other women who have been a part of the journey and are successful making entrepreneurship work, she also proudly states.

Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™ is an online journal dedicated to women who aspire to be entrepreneurs as a way of gaining financial independence, to care for themselves, their families, and at the same time create opportunities for others within their community. Dr. Cottle strongly believes that entrepreneurship is one great way of gaining growth and mobility for women, particularly those who are living in conditions as poverty, abuse and violence. Entrepreneurship can be a gateway to their economic, social and political independence.

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Dr. Cheryl Cottle, Ed.D