Friday, 25 December 2015

Why Women Are Better At Business Than Men

Author: Dr. Carol Soloway

We have different leadership goals
Do you remember bosses you’ve had? 
Women’s number one priority is community
Men’s number one priority is winning. 
Think about football, soccer, baseball, any sport. They bond faster, better, get workers to do more if they know they care.
In business, community 

We have biological differences.
Women have better peripheral vision
Men have better tunnel vision. 
Men were the hunters and would laser focus on their targets. Women were the gatherers. They would care for the children and had to watch while performing their cooking. They had to know where every child was.
In business, peripheral vision is needed to consider all scenarios, prepare for challenges and know the ways around the obstacles.

We have emotional differences
Women want to be inclusive, make sure emotional needs of co-workers are met; they care about the feelings of others.
Men don’t often value or care about the emotional needs of the co-workers; they want the tasks to be completed. 
This is evident in the way both network.
When women network, they strive to help each other.
When men network, they don’t ask for help; they try to prove why they are the best for the job.
When women help each other, they are supportive and often connect each other to people who are power partners. This often results in influential connections which build businesses. 

We have physical differences
Men are taller and stronger 
Women are smaller and more physically fragile
It is a known that men who are six feet tall, or taller, are considered authority figures. Most presidents have been six feet. 
In the physical arena, women are at a disadvantage. They are considered more fragile. Women are judged by their physical beauty, and if the woman is no beautiful, then she is often not taken as seriously. A woman is judged first for her physical appearance.

Considering the differences, there are advantages that women have and can thrive; however, there is one stumbling block that they have to overcome. That is learning to delegate.

Think about the women who tend the fires. They can’t also be on the trail, killing the prey. Women have to learn they cannot be in two places, cannot do it all. We have to learn to delegate, ask for help. When we come home from work, exhausted, we want to, need to be there for our families, but it’s hard. We need to find help with the mundane chores, the chores that no one wants to do, but the ones that are needed to sustain a family. We need to engage our children in tasks, make sure our partners are doing their part. It’s not selfish; it’s self-sustaining to delegate. Then we can have it all because we are just as good, maybe even better in the business arena. 

In summary, it is possible to be a successful business woman without sacrificing anything. Sacrifice only leads to resentment and makes us less productive. Go for it all and do it with gusto — you deserve it.

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