Saturday, 5 December 2015

Entrepreneurial Characteristics For Success

Author: Dr. Cheryl Cottle, Ed.D 

Research shows that there is a high failure rate among women entrepreneurs, but in spite of that, more and more women are getting into business and are having great success  and this is a global trend. The question is, what cause some women to fail and what cause others to succeed?

Entrepreneurship is a very difficult journey that requires the individual to have certain qualities and attributes to make a success of it. 

Research shows that many start-up does not have the right attitude towards entrepreneurship and therefore fail. What are some of the traits or characteristics that you need to be successful? Some of the characteristics that I have found in my career as a consultant that runs across many economies, women who are succeeding in entrepreneurship are those who have the following characteristics or entrepreneurial attributes. Here are a few of those characteristics:

One, the desire to achieve success as an entrepreneur. Just wanting to do so seems to be one of the underlying factor that foster success, this together with passion, love, dedication and devotion to see that their vision becomes a reality.

Two, resourcefulness and innovation are two other traits that a successful woman in business have. Women who are resourceful and have the ability to come up with original ideas and create what they envision, are also very successful. They are purposeful in their goals and approach what they do from an authentic place; further. They are often ingenuous and inauthentic. Often, you will hear women saying “I will fake it until I make it” but this is only a cliché. No one can make it if they have to fake it. To make it you have to be real. You have to be authentic. Women in business who succeed are truly women who are authentic, purposeful, resourceful and driven. 

Three, authenticity and purposefulness are two other attributes that make for a successful woman in business. Women who lack authenticity, are often short on creativity and resources, and lack the passion and fire needed to keep igniting the flames needed to take an idea or concept that they borrowed or rather stole from someone else very far. You will often see that they continuously changes from one business idea to another without having much success in any. An authentic woman in business is one who is creative, innovative, and passionate — she is driven by an inner drive that one can only categorize as innate. She is a soul-centered driven.

Four, women in business who are creative, innovative, resourceful and authentic start from a heart-centered place that is not comparable to anything — they become immersed in what they do and are unstoppable. They seems to have a deep hunger for what they do that is only satisfied by doing and accomplishing. These women, as opposed to women who get into business because they have seen someone else doing it and feels, well this is something that I can do too. Individuals like these often do not go far. Successful women in business generally perform from a place of knowing what they want and understanding how to achieve. They also know what they must do to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Being a business consultant and mentor working with primarily women with their own business, I have found that these characteristics are the dominant ones that make for a successful entrepreneur. I also believe that an individual success in life — in whatever he or she chooses to do rest with them. Therefore, who you are, and the attitude — attributes that you have towards your business concept, will help you to take it to fruition.

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