Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Women in Business Book Review: When Women Lead By Angela Pride

Book Review By Dr. Cheryl Cottle, Ed.D

When Women Lead is a well written book that draws readers into the narrative where you enjoy the author's story and identify with her acquisition of leadership, learn and empower oneself, at the same time. When Women Lead meets the needs of women in this millennial; as so many women, both older women and young women, are striving to be all that they can be  to live purposeful and meaningful lives; and to be leaders. This book addresses their dreams and vision of being progressive leaders in their endeavours. 

Angela Pride -Author
The author, Angela Pride starts the book by paying tribute to the women in her life. Women who have been instrumental to her growth and development of her leadership skills and abilities. Women who have created the environment for her to be nurtured; and be allowed to grow and blossom to become the woman that she is today. These women were her grand-mother and mother. I love her show of gratitude, appreciation and love for their unwavering love, support and guidance.

When Women Lead is a quick read; and it is written at a language level that is easily comprehended by many readers. You can easily sail through it as you savour the topic; a very popular topic in the academic, in the media, at the organizational level, and in business  by women who are now forging to create change around them, and relying upon their leadership abilities to be transformational change seekers. It is a great book for such a wide and diverse audience. When Women Lead  is a great book for women  women entrepreneurs, women in leadership, women aspiring to be leaders, moms, single moms and men. It is a book for women leaders whose social objective is to educate and empower other women — When Women Lead is for them. It's a book that transcends age, cultures, social and economic class  anyone can benefit from its lessons  and be empowered to achieve their goals

I highly recommend When Women Lead to young girls, women leaders and women aspiring to be leaders.

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