Friday, 18 December 2015

Be Open To Constructive Criticism!

Author: Dr. Donya Zimmerman 

You must understand that sometimes you will need to be “called out” for certain behavior or actions that are not becoming of you. There is nothing wrong with receiving constructive criticism as an adult. Constructive criticism helps you to grow as a person and will make you a better person. Some adults have this misconception that because they are grown and no longer under their parents’ care, they do not need to be taught anything new. But in reality, you never stop growing and learning as a person until the day you die. 

Here are four qualities of individuals who have no problem with receiving “constructive criticism”: 

  1. Teachable. They are always listening, love to learn, and are open to being counseled to. 
  2. Available. They are not trying to avoid anyone and are seeking out others for guidance. 
  3. Vulnerable. They have no problem admitting when they are wrong. 
  4. Honest. They love telling the truth and love to be told the truth, even if, the truth may sting a little.
People come into your life to be open and honest with you. In turn, these individuals will help you grow personally and professionally. These individuals will ensure that you are successful in whatever you do in life.

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