Editor's Letter

Dear Readers, 

I welcome you to yet another volume of Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™. Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™ is dedicated to women globally — women who aspire to be entrepreneurs as a way of gaining financial independence, to care for their families and create opportunities for others within their communities.

Included in these pages are personal stories, experiences and challenges that we face as women entrepreneurs and or professional business women. It is my hope that by reading one of our editorials, articles, quotations, business showcase, inspiration corner, women in business profiles, and our book reviews, you will not only be informed, but also be inspired and motivated to strive to achieve much more in your lives.

In this year's publication we hope that our design format will meet your expectation of what our journal is about. We also hope that with this publication that you will be inspired to make a change in your life — changes that will be meaningful and purposeful.

Some of the articles that are published in the journal, are provided by women who share our vision of global sharing and global learning. To those women, I must say a heartfelt thank you! I believe that as Women in Business, we carry the mantle of economic emancipation, education and empowerment; and I am eternally grateful to you for supporting my vision of change and influence. We can be our own leaders and we can also be responsible for our change. I believe that as women and girls we should have an alternative life — a life that we can contribute to — to make better. 

Editor-in-Chief of Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™ 

Dr. Cheryl Cottle, Ed.D