Thursday, 10 December 2015

Women in Business Book Review: 12 Ways To Put Money In Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part-Time Job by Jennifer S. Matthews

Book Review By Dr. Cheryl Cottle, Ed.D

12 Ways To Put Money In Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part-Time Job authored by Jennifer S. Matthews is an instructional and an interactive book. It has been designed where you can learn step-by-step how to make decisions around your money issues. Through this medium, Jennifer teaches her readers how to address and identify issues around money so that we can have more money in our pocket-book. It's a book that teaches how to spend wisely and make the most out of the money we earn. It  teaches you how to "fill the money-gap", how to eliminate "spending cycles" and at the same time to become free of money challenges.

Jennifer S. Matthews, Author

Ms. Matthew's book is designed for everybody, regardless of gender, marital status, age, and economic status. Every one of us, need some guidelines into how to manage our money; maybe with the exception of the rich at least they do not live paycheck to paycheck, but they must have been practicing money management for years, how else did they become who they are?

Ms. Matthews has provided us with a 12 Steps Money Opportunities. In each opportunity she focuses on one aspect of our spending, particularly focusing upon our "needs" as opposed to our "wants". She takes you down a pathway analysing what you do need and identifing what your really don't. She provides some hard questions for you to answer in order to resolve these challenges and provide some strategies and alternative ways to reduce your debt, and put more money into your pocket. If you are tired of being sick and tired of having to work very hard, and not have a savings, the author suggest that you take the exercises in the book and follow them as they are given, and you will see that you will be able to save money, not just what she suggests alone, but much more. She however recommends that you should be committed to changing your financial situation, and becoming more versed in management and gain financial freedom. 

The author also recommended that while her 12 steps are effective and fool-proof, she also recommend that to fill the "money -gap" you can also find alternative ways of gaining a supplemental income through a part-time-job, through a home based business, and or by becoming an entrepreneur.

While 12 Ways To Put Money In Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part-Time Job is designed for a more adult audience, she recommended that parents with child (ren) can also included them in the training afforded. This book is an easy read, written in a language level that is easily comprehended. She uses analogies which appeal to our senses, evoking our imagination. She gets her point across very creatively. 

Jennifer also introduces her book by sharing her "Faith Walk" and how she came upon this journey to become a Leader of Basic Money Management, assisting others with their money management challenges. While her audience is directed to individuals in the United States of America, I believe that 12 Ways To Put Money In Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part-Time Job has universal appeal. It can positively impact people across the globe who are thinking of ways to better manage their money and fill the money gap. I therefore recommend this book very highly without any reservation to any reader. It's a knowledge development lesson on Money — from everyday spending to money as it pertains to Taxes, and many in between.
Get hold of a copy and take the 12 Money Opportunity exercises!

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