Thursday, 17 December 2015

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How to Succeed, Time to Renew Your Mind for 2016! 

Author: Dr. Donya Zimmerman

2 Cor. 5:17, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things become new.” Sometimes it can be very hard to move forward and let the past go. Many people find it very difficult to cope with change and many individuals do not like to grow in their spiritual life. Imagine waking up one day and realizing your world has been turned upside down from a natural disaster, loss of a job, or death in the family. Some individuals find it very difficult to deal with such change because to them it’s too devastating and too scary. But for other individuals, it is just another bump in the road that they have to walk over to get to their destination. Many people believe and understand that with God, they can get through anything.

Sometimes change just happens and you just have to be prepared for it. You must remember that everything changes minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day, whether you are ready or not. Have to realize that with change comes new beginnings and new opportunities for you to grow spiritually and mentally. So, it is time to get your mind in gear for all the changes that God will be bringing to your personal life, social life, and professional life. 

Do not be afraid of change because God knows how much you can bear and how far you can go with change. In Christ, you are becoming a new and better person each and every day. When you commit your life to Jesus Christ, you are no longer living the life you used to and you are becoming a new person in Christ. In Christ, your desire to do certain things or act in certain ways changes as well. 

 In Christ, there is a renewing of the mind and renewing of who you are as an individual. Time to renew your mind for 2016 and do not be afraid of the new changes coming into your life. The year of 2016 has many wonderful things waiting for you to explore and learn.

Finding Happiness and Contentment

Author: Dr. Cheryl Cottle, Ed.D

We owe it to ourselves to find happiness and contentment in order to find a balance , emotionally, mentally , physically and spirituality. But, how can we achieve this state of holiness? I believe that there is one sure way to do that, and that is to take time out of your busy work schedule to spend time with you —  get into a reflective mode —  think back on some pleasant moment in your life and smile. Really savour those moments  make them pleasant memories.

Here are some things that you can do to strive that balance that is so needed for our overall well-being:

Get to know the environment that you live in   regardless of whether you live in a buzzing urban city or a lush green rural community.

If you live in the city get to know your neighbours. Have a cup of coffee or tea in the neighbourhood's many cafes. There you will meet the people in the neighbourhood whom you might normally pass and give a nod . Here you can have a chat.

The bookstore in you neighbourhood is also a great place. Most bookstores today are designed with nooks that you can sit in quietly and read or browse a book. Here we also get to connect with others, through you are finding some moments to relax, and become contemplative while enlarging your knowledge base. You can also select books that meet your creative needs —  it does not always have to be serious book. I have found books on fashion or interior designs also meets my needs and interest; and while they are informative, they are quite enjoyable to read. They also provide  great ideas for dressing and decorating your home. 

Bookstores are also great places to sit and have a cup of coffee or tea or a cold beverage. This activity also provides opportunities to connect with others. If you are a parent or grand-parent you can also take your child or children or grand-children to the bookstore and have them enjoy the "reading circles". Most large bookstores in the city have included this activity in their spaces which serves as a great learning space for the young and a great place to meet others and network.

Walking is another pastime you can engage in. If you live in a metropolitan city, getting to know it can be an enjoyable pastime. Enjoy the overall beauty of the city —  the very seasons are beautiful  —  winter, spring, summer and autumn are all beautiful in there special way — and as the season go through its many changes, its transformation  I think it is something that we can identify with. We are changing you too changes and sees the seasons change and it helps you to become more accepting of the changes in your life.

Visit some of the beautiful parks that most cities are noted for, particularlly during the summer months. Some of the parks are also designed with paths to encourage walking. Take the opportunity to walk. You can also use the park as a place to take some outdoor exercise. You can practice yoga or spend some time meditating. You can also have a picnic — create a basket with some goodies, find a beautiful shaded tree, spread your mat and relax. You can also take a pillow, and a great book and relax and read. Find peace and make a connection with nature, and at the same time get a chance to enjoy the beautiful flowers, trees and animals  squirrels and pigeons which are generally in abundance. Most parks in North America has squirrels and pigeons during the summer months.  

If you live in a rural community, enjoy the woods. Take walks along the trails. If in your community there are lakes and rivers, enjoy them. At least sit on the lake enjoy the ebb and flow of the water as it hits the shoreline. Enjoy the flora and fauna.

These are just some things that you can do to find happiness and contentment. They make your soul blossom  bloom and grow! 

Have to Believe in Yourself, When No One Else Will!

Author: Dr. Donya Zimmerman

There will be times when you may feel that you are not worthy of success. During these times of self-doubt, it is advisable to make a list of your accomplishments. It is always good to write down at least five accomplishments that you have completed in the past week. Keeping a list of successes will remind you of your pure awesomeness. It is good to keep a grateful list as well. A grateful list will remind you of the many blessings you have and what a wonderful life you have. Doing an accomplishment list will keep you focused on your goals and dreams. With a grateful list, you will be reminded of how blessed you are. These two lists will remind you that you can do anything you set your mind to. Numbers 13:30, “We can certainly do it.” God reminds us every day that no matter what, we can accomplish anything we set out to do.

All it takes is the “faith of a mustard seed” to know that if you believe it, you can achieve it. Whatever you set your mind to, it can be accomplished. You should not be afraid to live out your dreams because God does not give you more than you can handle. When you lack faith in self, it is difficult to fulfill your desired goals. With lack of faith, nothing can be accomplished. With a little faith in God and self, big things will occur. Remember that it only takes the “faith of a little mustard seed” in self to get the job done. Be willing to believe in your own capabilities to turn your dreams into a reality. Do not worry about what others believe.

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