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Women in Business Profile - Sharita Phillip

Sharita Phillip — Coach

Sharita Phillip is the owner of Dynamic Empowerment, LLC a life coach business located in the city of Bowie in Maryland in the United States of America. Sharita started her business in January, 2013. Sharita is in her early forties and attended university where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree

The goals and objective of Dynamic Empowerment, LLC is designed to empower women to remove, replace, and renew their minds to live the life that God has created for them to live, was Ms. Phillip’s response to the question, what are the objective and goals of your business  what a noble business objective. Sharita’s work is a God-centered business working with women who are ready to fully embrace who they are and grow in all their glory.

Sharita works primarily with women who are committed to changing their current reality, and just need the right tools to make it happen. She elaborates by saying “that woman can be a stay at home mom, a college student, a single mother, a working woman, or a wife whose identity has been wrapped up in her husband and she is how ready to show the world who she is”. Ms. Phillip’s coaching business is still at the growth stage, but she has employed three people who form her team to implement the goals and objective of Dynamic Empowerment.

Although Sharita has taken upon herself to become an entrepreneur, she still works full time as a law enforcer with the State of Maryland and is managing both with great success. Research have shown that most women entrepreneurs, hold on to their regular job as long as possible to gain and keep the stability that they have with having a full time job while running their business. This however, has proven to be a security blanket for many. They have the security of having a regular paycheck, while gradually transitioning into entrepreneurship. Sharita has two pathways that she can take, either to one day to make her business a full time entrepreneurial venture, or the option to continue coaching while keeping her job as a law enforcer? 

Women in Business, also asked Ms. Phillip, what factors are responsible for you starting your business? And to this question, Sharita has shared that she decided to become an entrepreneur, in order to “build a legacy for her children and to have control of her time to create endless stream of income for her family; as well as to gain the freedom to travel.” 

Another question that was asked, was: Did you pursue any education and training programs to enhance your knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship before starting your business? Or did you simply learn as you go  using trial-and-error? In response to this question, Ms. Phillip stated that “I did both, as I believe being an entrepreneur you never stop learning, and that you will make mistake along the road of entrepreneurship. I received life coach certification from Orange County Life Coach Institute and a behavior consulting certification from Christian Coach Institute”. 

What are some of the challenges you faced along the way you have had to overcome and how have you overcome them, is another question that was asked of Sharita by Women in Business? Similar to other women in business, Sharita also pointed out that she too had her fair share of challenges that she has had to overcome. One of the challenges that she faced was hiring the wrong people into her team and not ensuring that they had a fit. Second, not having a system in place regarding a performance task analysis, and other operational procedures related to the full functioning of her consultancy: and third, trying to keep up with other business owners, being part of the competition in her business sector.

Research has shown that when creating a team the individuals joining you should be able to identify with your philosophy and the way you do business. It also suggests that that individual should also share your passion and dedication for what your product or services are. Forming a team is based on working together, as a result there should be a common thread that bind you. For Sharita, hiring the wrong person caused some unnecessary hardships, but Sharita has become wiser after that experience, as she says, “hiring the wrong person . . . when adding people to your dream team you have to make sure that they are compatible with you and the other team members". Sharita also learned that it is important when implementing programs, to create a system for your employees to follow; and goes on to add “otherwise you are just spinning your wheels with no real way of measuring if the programs are successful. To circumvent this problem from occurring she has had added steps and a two panel interview process. She also conducts random program checks with other likeminded people in which they provide feedback for her programs. She has also stopped comparing herself to others and has decide to be the unapologetic Me! In addition, she also learned that “trying to keep up with other business owners will cause her to constantly compare herself to them, and cause her frustration when she does not see the same results." 

In response to the question, What business strategies have you used to grow your business? Sharita stated that her business strategies that she use are, prayers, networking, collaboration and the power of the internet. 

What role, if any has computer-based technologies played in the development of your business?

Computer-based technologies have played a major role in my business development. To be in the 21st century and beyond, you must utilize the power of the computer.

What are your business philosophy and personal philosophy, and how have they influenced your business? 

My business philosophy and personal philosophy are one and the same. The center of my business is Faith for without it, nothing is possible. Pray, for it provides guidance, the word of God for it provides wisdom. When you combine those 3 you operate with integrity. 

How important is passion to you in the development and continued growth of your business? Passion is what keeps me moving forward even at times I won’t to quit. Passion is the gas which keeps your purpose lit. Sharita, also incorporate a spirit-preneur approach to her business by adopting qualities that are associated to a spiritual leadership

How do you maintain a balance in your life? What are some things that you engage in to keep your body, mind, and spirit in tune with your well-being? To this question, Ms. Philip says, "I keep balance by prayer, a me time block — each work week, and a family time block. 

How was your spirit of entrepreneurship ignited? And what are some things that you do to keep it burning? My entrepreneurship was ignited by the passing of my younger sister of cancer. In her passing she taught me that life is too short not to live the life you want. So when I feel like giving up, I think of how her life was cut short, and how she did not get the chance to become that teacher she wanted to be, or open the child daycare center she wanted, all because she kept putting it off because she thought it was not the right time, and that she had plenty of time to do it one day. So she settled, in just going to work, coming home and preparing to do the same thing for the rest of the week.

What lessons have you learned along the way that you will share with other women in business, or a woman now venturing in the area of entrepreneurship? To this question, she said, "Don't think, or talk yourself out of not doing it  and don't let others talk you out of not doing it. Know your why. Don't be afraid to take risks. Don't think you have to be perfect. Don't think there is not enough pie in this world for you to have a slice of. 

What future goals do you have for your business venture? Where do you want to see your business in the next 5-10 years?

In the next five years Dynamic Empowerment, LLC will help change the lives of two million women worldwide. It will provide jobs for twenty-five people. In ten years it will have helped changed the lives of four million women worldwide and it will provide one hundred people with jobs. It will have it's only magazine, talk show, and whatever else God has in store for it. For me, well! I would have traveled the world with my family, all the while living my dreams.

Business Name: Dynamic Empowerment, LLC

Address: 6710 Bowie Road, # 1312. Bowie, Maryland, Zip Code: 20715, USA. 
Telephone contact: (310) 442-8510 
Email Address

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